Day 10 COP27

Day 10 COP27

Biodiversity Day

Coral reefs under stress

Glasgow financial alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ)

set up at COP26 to finance “climate repair solutions”

Stopping the destruction of the Amazon Rainforest

President Lula of Brazil vowed to fight deforestation in his country saying, “there is no climate security for the world without a protected Amazon”

The ENACT Initiative launched

Enhance the protection from and resilience to climate impacts of at least 1 billion vulnerable people, including at least 500 million women and girls.

Secure up to 2.4 billion hectares of healthy natural and sustainable agricultural ecosystems, through protection of 45 million ha, sustainable management of 2 billion ha, and restoration of 350 million ha.

Significantly increase global mitigation efforts through protecting, conserving and restoring carbon-rich terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems.

Seven areas of focus have been identified to structure the work of ENACT: (1) food security and land productivity; (2) adaptation & disaster risk reduction; (3) oceans and sustainable blue economy; (4) urban resilience; (5) green-grey infrastructure; (6) NbS in national and subnational mitigation strategies; (6) mobilising private investment in NbS; and (7) health, climate and NbS

`Our demands to the negotiators for the next 48 hours as people from the Pacific and as frontliners in climate change is simple. We cannot have 1.5 degrees Celsius watered down.
Fijian climate activist Vivania Tatawaqa
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