International Dawn Chorus day at Saumarez Park

International Dawn Chorus day at Saumarez Park

  • Perching birds sing to set up their territories. 

  • Males sing to attract a mate

  • Shorter calls can be made to contact another bird

The following birds were heard at Saumarez Park between 5.15 and 7am on 1st May 2022

Photos are from the RSPB website as we didn’t see many of them and the ones we did see were too quick for me to photo with my mobile phone.

A star next to the name means we actually saw the bird.

Click on each bird image to find out more about that bird

Black Cap
Blue Tit
Female Chaffinch
Male Chaffinch
*Great Tit
*Long tailed tit
*Sparrow (house)
Willow warbler

Interesting facts

The little chiff chaff is a migrant that has arrived from Spain where it will feed in the olive groves. Most migrants have now arrived in Guernsey for the summer season. The yellow wagtail is another migrant.

The black cap is another migrant that has arrived from Spain. In the first week that it arrives it is too busy feeding up to sing. With the milder winters we now have black caps staying with us. They like to eat apples and enjoy the bird feeders that humans fill for them. Our winter black caps are still migrants and spend the summer in Eastern Europe.

The greenfinch numbers have crashed recently due to Trichomonosis which a is parasite and fatal. Song thrushes have also been struggling lately.

This is the only time of year that you will see two robins together as they will be breeding. Other than that they are very territorial. Robins are the first birds to sing in the morning chorus and the last to stop singing at the end of the day.

These were the only bird photos taken, mainly because they are slow. Daddy mallard duck is the coloured one

Late Spring Colour, Saumarez, Park, Guernsey

Fancy tulip
Red Tulip
St Peter Port Daisy
Red campion
English Bluebell
Wild garlic
Japanese pagoda
the Pond
Last year's nest
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