The Bailiwick of Guernsey Eco Hub

“A target of net zero emissions (or carbon neutrality) in relation to greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere by 2050, and an interim target of reducing such emissions by 57% on 1990 levels by 2030.” States of Guernsey Climate Change Plan.

This website informs and celebrates the environment around us, including events that take place in the Bailiwick of Guernsey. 

The calendar on the YUNGA Guernsey Biodiversity badge page, (an environmental badge designed for school aged young people in the Bailiwick) will also give you an idea of events happening on the island.


Latest News

October – Climate change is NOT coming – it is already here!

David Attenborough said, ” The greatest threat to our planet is apathy.”


Maybe these short videos will inspire you to take action, to join organisations who are trying to make a different with nature or more simply to change your lifestyle to make it more friendly to the planet. Your choice ( whilst you still have a choice), your future.

In Guernsey you can help Guernsey Conservation Volunteers, Guernsey National Trust, Clean Earth Trust, La Societe events, Guernsey Biological Records Centre. Check out more organisations here

Climate change due to humans: floods in US , Pakistan, Europe, UK – closer than ever to home

Animals extinct due to Humans

Climate change due to Humans: wildfires in Australia, US, Europe, UK – closer than ever to home

Plastic pollution due to Humans

Greenwashing – Don’t be fooled