Listed here are organisations that are making a difference to the environment in the Bailiwick and helping to build a sustainable future for our children. Click on the image to take you to the organisations website.

Offers seaweed seasonings, seaweed fertiliser, seaweed hand sanitizer and seaweed foraging sessions.

Sea Watch is a national marine environmental charity working to improve the conservation of whales, dolphins and porpoises in the seas around Britain and Ireland.

Work to regenerate the soil in order to feed, protect and nuture the plants that are grown in it. Mighty microbes make all the difference!

Sponsor the annual CI Environmental Awards. The deadline for entries is 13th April. Winners announced 16th June 2021.

This organisation, founded in 1882, is one of oldest in Guernsey. It has lots of different sections such as History, Natural History, Geography, Geology, and conservation of the Bailiwick’s natural environment.

Guernsey electricity have created a Power to the People fund, which is an annual fund for individuals and organisations who engage in projects to benefit the environment.

Clean Earth trust oversee several social and environmental initiatives such as the Repair Cafe,  Toy Hospital, Pick it up Guernsey and the 4.5 Trillion project.

The Channel Islands Co-op have a community fund to enable local people make a difference to their environment. The funding is distributed twice a year. Next deadline 12 May 2021

Guernsey Biological records centre provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ for information on sites, habitats and species in the islands that make up the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

Plastic Free Guernsey want to reduce single use plastic in Guernsey and make our beautiful island the most plastic unreliant place in the world. Working to encourage reduction of single-use plastic on our island home of Guernsey 

A charity that works to preserve and enhance Guernsey’s heritage and traditions and its natural beauty, including its historic buildings, open spaces and plant and animal life.

Mission: prevent cruelty to all animals; to rescue animals in distress; to provide shelter for strays; to foster and encourage kindness and consideration in the treatment of animals and birds.

The Alderney Wildlife Trust mission is to study, protect and champion the island’s wildlife and to educate the public about the importance of sustainable development, biodiversity conservation and wildlife

The Guernsey Weigh  have come up with a modern and sustainable concept. They believe in plastic free. Customers are encouraged to bring their own clean containers into the store  and fill up with various products from dried food to detergents.

The Guernsey Conservation Volunteers have been helping to conserve Guernsey’s natural environment since 1996. They work on many beautiful sites and nature reserves around the island to maintain and enhance the biodiversity of the area.

Aims: Raise awareness.

Encourage the community.

Establish pollinator patches throughout the Channel Island.

Work with large-scale landowners.

Discourage the use of pesticides in gardens and other open spaces.

The Asian Hornet has found its way to Guernsey and it is a non native threat to our bees, and pollinators. This team aims to inform the public and encourages sighting of the hornet to be reported so that nests can be found and destroyed.

This group works on projects to educate, support, conserve and protect our natural environment. A non profit organisation, made up of representatives from local environmental charities, ACLMS,the Biodiversity Education Officer.

Guernsey Conservation herd comprises of a small group of Guernsey steers.. They graze on Nature Reserves States land. Their grazing will reduce the dominance of rough grasses and encourage wild flowers and insects populations.


Nature Guernsey

Nature Guernsey is the natural history branch of La Société Guernesiaise.They organise the annual programme of events outdoors in the natural environment across the Bailiwick


A charity, formed to provide a safe environment where people with learning and other disabilities can build confidence. Produces summer bedding, perennials, shrubs, seasonal fruits and vegetables throughout the year.

Guernsey Photography Club have released some beautiful Guernsey photos that make a great addition to a zoom background. 

Guernsey photos

Health Connections runs charity shops that encourage people to reuse, recycle and reduce. They have a repair workshop in the Smith street shop which operates on Tuesdays and Saturday. Don’t throw away broken things- repair them.