Bailiwick of Guernsey Sustainable Schools Network

Coming soon - The bailiwick of Guernsey sustainable school network

On Thursday 12th and Tuesday 17th October 2023, a Networking event was held at Government House to enable young people to talk to leaders of influence on the island. During this evening the idea to set up a sustainable schools network run by young people to address issues involved with sustainability, environment and climate change was spoken about.

The idea came about when Mia Edgworth, a Lieutenant Governor’s cadet last year, took up the challenge from the Lieutenant Governor when he said he would help his cadets to follow their passions. 

Mia was instrumental in organising this evening which consisted of CEOs of companies, finance, Commissions, Educators, Deputies and people on the island who are making the decisions today that will effect the future, alongside large numbers of young people from schools and colleges across the Bailiwick. 

The next stage will be to set up a committee of young people with a core group of adult facilitators.

The young people will decide what events they want to do to spread their message about building a sustainable Guernsey for the future.

They will also be part of the UK Sustainable Schools network.