Clean Earth Trust Oceans Day 12 June 2021

Clean Earth Trust Oceans Day 12 June 2021

On 12th June at Rocquaine Beach, the Clean Earth Trust put on a serious of activities, lectures, sand sculpture and of course a beach clean to celebrate World Oceans Day. Sarah from La Société came along to do some rock pooling. Guernsey press report here

Vraic Man and Kelp Girl

You can read a previous blog about the seaweed forages.

Nicky Harris- Dolfin project

Here is a talk from Feb 2021 with information about the project.

The Dolfin project is keen that you tell them about any sightings, using the email

Richard Lord – Sealord photography 

Please click image for a short video

Harbour Porpoise

Harbour porpoises are very shy so you won’t see these around your boats.

Guide to the harbour porpoise

Common Dolphin

Dolphins are very friendly and you may sight pods of these in the Bailiwick water. Guide to the common dolphin

Most plastic waste seems to stay in the ocean. Have you heard of the great Pacific Garbage Patch?

This patch in the Pacific, off the East coast of America is currently 3x size of France and growing. It is indicative of the Oceans around the globe.

Plastic from the beaches

Beach Art

Rock Pooling

What can you identify?

Rock Pooling Rocquaine

Beach Yoga


Liz Sweet Guernsey Biological records Centre

Please click on image for short video





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