The Big Bug Hunt

The Big Bug Hunt

Situated up in the Vale, Le Grand Pré  nature reserve, with a large channel of water, shows off wild Guernsey at its best and is full of tiny mini beasts. 

In winter, there is evidence that it is quite soggy and they are doing up one of the paths so you don’t sink too much when it is wet. Between 40-50 people visited this event, mainly young families. Events like this will raise awareness of Guernsey’s natural habitats. There are 24 reserves on Guernsey and Societe is the second biggest landowner on the island, with the States being the first.


La Marette is an orchard, also called Bourgourd orchard as it was left to Societe by Jon Bougourd in 2011. It was the site of an old greenhouse, now covered in cider apple trees with a few edible varieties as well as some pear trees.


Human experts on hand for the day were: Julie (birds), Iain (butterflies), Andy (butterflies, Pollinator project), Trevor, Vice-president of Societe (insects), Lesley, in charge with Nature Guernsey, and all rounder expert. Sarah and Becky, the Societe education officers were also both there.

depressaria daucella moth caterpillar
caterpillar of the peacock butterfly on nettles
damsel fly
nets at the ready!
bird hide
Sarah, societe education officer
buff tip moth
poppies creeping from another garden
more poppies
nasturtium creeping in from a neighbouring garden
creeping buttercup
St Mark's fly
soldier beetle
dock bug
capsid bug
tree cricket
froghopper in cuckoo spit
green orb weaver spider
grove snail
Hemlock water dropwort - beware - irritant and poisonous especially the sap
speckled wood butterfly
buff tailed bumble bee
mining bee and silver spotter skipper butterfly
buff tailed bumble bee
hero hoverfly
picture wing fly
common marsh orchid
early purple orchid
bug hotel mason bees seal the holes with mud whereas a leaf cutter bee seals with a green leaf. Female eggs laid at at the back and males at the front who emerge first
apple orchard
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