Eco Advent Hot Water

Eco Advent Hot Water

Hot water cost money to heat up so it make sense that if you can reduce your use then you can save money.

Today’s sustainability hacks do just that.


Your kettle should stay empty until you need to use it. I fill a mug with water and put it in the kettle to boil- it takes 40s and then is ready for a cup of tea. You can do the same with a pan when you need to boil water – a kettle takes less energy to boil water than a pan does.


Don’t expect to have your house hot enough to walk around in t-shirts in the winter, unless of course you have sooo much money that you are are keen to get rid of it. There is nothing wrong with a good jumper. Also if you are having people over for Christmas, each person gives out the heat of a 1KW bar on an electric fire so you will be able to turn your heating down..

Rudy Jnr is modelling the scarf that Mrs Santa knitted for him because they have turned the heating down by 1oC at his north pole stables due to the increase in energy bills
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