Make this your “Greenest” school year yet!

Make this your “Greenest” school year yet!


Do you really need a new folder? 

Why don’t you take an old one from last year and recover it. When I was at school ( a trillion years ago) the first homework that we were set was to cover our exercise books which I did with bits of wallpaper left over. We don’t do wall paper now but you can always download your favourite poster and do the same!

Use old calendars

Charts for sailing need updating every so often- if you know any sailors you can ask them if they have any old ones you can have.

Do you really need a new backpack?

Is your old one still functional? Would anyone notice if you used it? If it needs a bit of repair then consider patching it up. We have a repair shop in town

Have you considered buying more durable natural fibres such as canvas. You can make it your own by sewing patches on.

Do you really need a new pencil case?

Would anyone notice that you were still using the one last year. There are so many homemade and creative options for this, I couldn’t name them all.

Do you really need to buy a single use plastic bottle of water when you come to school?

Surely you have got your own water bottle by now! Lots of trendy ones to choose from and lots given out for free. If you forget your bottle you can drink from the fountain. If this a COVID problem then have two drink bottles. Keep one at school in your locker.

Do you really need to take the car to school?


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