The young people who want to save the world

The young people who want to save the world

“The Greatest threat to our planet is APATHY” – Sir David Attenborough

Our children are crying out – when will we listen? When will we learn?


At 14 years old I organised the recycling in my house. My father put the carefully sorted bags in the garage because there was no such thing as recycling. When the garage filled up he took the bags to the local landfill as there was nowhere else to take them. People regarded me as some sort of eccentric eco hippie because I wanted to cut down on waste to protect the planet.


Maybe back then there was an excuse for inaction – ignorance.


Now, we have all experienced the effects of climate change. To some it is annoying, to others it is life threatening. It will kill millions. It is a slow pandemic. In response to the most recent quick pandemic, governments found the money and acted fast to gain control. When the climate change pandemic becomes quick, we will be out of control and governments will not be able to get life back to “normal” – it will be too late.


But it doesn’t have to be like that. These inspiring young people haven’t and won’t give up that easily – so neither should humanity. The climate change pandemic needs you to change your habits right now, just like you were prepared to do for COVID.


Severn Cullis-Suzuki  USA 1992

Greta Thunberg  Sweden 2018

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez  

USA First Nation 2015


Nyombi Morris Uganda 2021

Licypriya Kangujam India 2021

Xiye Bastida Mexico 2021

Lesen Mutunkei Kenya 2020


Luisa Neubauer Germany 2021

Autumn Peltier Canada First Nation 2020

Amy and Ella Meek UK 2018

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