Eco Advent Meat

Eco Advent Meat

All meat protein is not equal

Direct comparisons of the carbon footprint of different meat is quite difficult. Meat from beef cows has a far higher footprint than from dairy cows. Beef from cows grazing on what used to be virgin rainforest has an even higher footprint. The food miles involved are actually only a very tiny part of the over footprint but buying local helps your local economy and you know the provenance of the animals. The UK has some of the strictest animal welfare laws but this does tend to make UK meat more expensive.

National geographic

Our World in Data

When looking on the internet look carefully at the article and consider its validity.

Was it written by an organisation promoting vegetarianism or meat in which case it may contain bias?

Was it written by a university research group or a respected science organisation and peer reviewed, in which case it is likely  to be more valid?

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