Day 6 COP27

Day 6 COP27

Nature Based adaptation solutions

Agriculture day has arrived. In the midst of:

  • failing crops due to years worth of droughts
  • failing crops due to flooding
  • food shortages due to Ukraine unable to get the grain out
  • food shortages due to global supply issues
  • increasing food prices due to inflation
  • declining populations of pollinators

let’s hope it is not all talk but that there is action to report back on. Last year the same day was scheduled for COP26. Lots of initiatives and funding was pledged. Maybe this day in COP27 will all be about what they have achieved in the last year since COP26……. read on and find out.

Do you like my vegetable patch – all the compost is from food waste. With the unseasonal November weather of 18oC the vegetables have grown huge. It has been fertilised with seaweed.

Food and agriculture for sustainable transformation (FAST).

FAST aims to make this possible by enhancing country capacities to identify and access climate finance and investment, giving stakeholders greater access to knowledge and developing guidelines and providing support in crafting appropriate climate action policies.

Promoting food security and diversity, empowering and engaging women, youth, Indigenous Peoples and people in vulnerable situations, using science and innovation to improve agricultural practices across the value chains – these are some of the principles that will guide FAST’s work.

The African Food Systems Transformation Initiative (AFSTI) 

70 African-owned agri-busineses announce an action plan for directing financial flows to food supply chains in Africa. It will draw finance, philanthropy, multilateral development banks, and private sources, targeting much overlooked agri-businesses and food processors who are pivotal to transforming the food outlook in Africa.

AIM for Climate

Agriculture Innovation Mission for Climate (AIM for Climate) A joint initative by United Emirates and USA. Last year $4 billion was pledged – this year it is $8 billion dollars.

Diversity, gender equity, and inclusion are critical to the success of the mission. AIM for Climate recognizes the wide range of participants necessary to achieve its goal and seeks to draw on diverse knowledge, experiences, and cultures


What would it take this decade for 50% of the world’s food to be produced in a way that supports healthy people, nature, and the climate?

Regen10 is a new multistakeholder, collaborative platform committed to answering this question. The Rockefeller Foundation has announced USD 11 million in grants to ten organizations scaling indigenous and regenerative agriculture practice around the world, with Regen10 as a flagship initiative. Evidence makes clear the central role food systems can play in mitigating climate change. 

Adapt or Starve

Doesn’t it look good. All these documents have taken months to put in place. It would be really great if this section was teaming with action. Here is the document we drew up last year at COP26 – and here are some pictures of the what we have actually done. But the policies are only illustrated with stock pictures. Is that because none of it has been put into action yet? I want to see the next COP celebrate what the money has been spent on not just proudly announce even more money has been pledged.

When the crops have failed, and there is not enough food to feed the planet – I suppose we could eat the paper these initiates are written on. Yummy!

Source : Laura Quinones - Activists stage massive protest at COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh demanding leaders to address vital issues realted to agriculture, adaptation and climate resilience.
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