Day 11 COP27

Day 11 COP27

“Stand and Deliver” announced UN Secretary-General as he urges world leaders to try and agree on something.

The world’s leaders need to come up with some agreements now that the COP27 is nearly over. The first draft of a paper giving an insight into what they need to do was published today.


World leaders (at the moment) don’t agree on:

  • Climate finance

  • Adaptation funding

  • Loss and damage funding

  • carbon markets

  • language around phasing down fossil fuels

  • bla bla bla


World leaders (at the moment) do agree on:

I couldn’t, at the time of writing this, find anything that they have agreed on yet. They may have to pull an all nighter! UPDATE: the leaders have agreed that they need to agree on something!

OK. I’m not waiting any longer. It is time for some distraction tactics and to sit back, relax and take care of your mental health. We will get through this climate crisis, but sometimes it all feels so overwhelming because you are such a small and helpless larvae in pond full of fish and birds all keen to feast on you, the bottom of the food chain.


Watch these videos, smile and feel that there is hope. Nature is wonderful and worth saving.

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