Day 11 COP26

Day 11 COP26

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US and China will revive a working group that will “meet regularly to address the climate crisis…. the UN secretary general criticised this deal today saying it lacked ambition.

Fewer than one in five Britons think politicians will get the job done, with only 17% saying they trust UK policymakers.

The draft text agreement announced yesterday was criticised by COP president as unsatisfying.

Indigenous peoples’ groups want any agreement to include strict human rights protections that would protect their lands. 

Scotland and the UK government have failed to join a new alliance that aims to phase out fossil fuels

Australia’s former COP negotiator has criticised his country as a climate problem nation..

The UK today pledged £27.5m of new funding for the new Urban Climate Action Programme (UCAP) to support cities targeting net zero. The programme will support cities by helping them implement innovative climate action plans to become carbon neutral by 2050 and prepare low-carbon infrastructure projects to reduce emissions. 

The US does not support the creation of a loss and damage compensation fund, an idea being pushed at COP26 by developing and smaller countries particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, a senior US official told reporters.

A group of nations known as the Like-Minded Developing Countries (LMDC), which include China and India, asked for the entire section on the mitigation of climate change be removed from the draft COP26 text, in a sign of the struggle that remains a day before talks are due to close. The mitigation section in the draft includes language on reducing greenhouse gas emissions enough to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, as opposed to the 2-degree Celsius upper limit in the Paris Agreement.

Oh! what gloom and doom.

let’s think happy thoughts and banish climate anxiety. (This is an app called the happy broadcast)

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