Day 0 COP27

Day 0 COP27

Young Change-Makers from more than 140 Countries Participate in 17th Climate Change Conference of Youth


  • The YOUTH conference COY17 has just finished.

  • The key outcome of COY17 is a policy document called the Global Youth Statement, a comprehensive text providing youth input to world leaders on the steps they believe should be taken to advance climate action. The 66-page policy document provides detailed advice on a range of topics from mitigation and adaptation to just transition and financing, including a call for a loss and damage facility.

  • The key findings from the Youth conference will be presented to COP27 on 10th November.

This statement from COY17 was handed to the Egyptian COP presidency:

“From heat waves across Europe to droughts across Africa and massive flooding in Asia, the past year of extreme weather events have served as another wake-up call for humanity,” the text reads. “Global Youth urges political leaders to take heed, take charge, and take action. We have no more time to lose. Our future literally depends on it.”

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