Quiz Answers

Q1 5 

Q2 Removing Cigarette butts world wide

Q3 £800

Q4 31

Q5 Free from use of petroleum

Q6 Let the Asian Hornet team know by email or posting on their Facebook page

Q7 25%

Q8 11

Q9 Seaweed hand sanitiser

Q10 Shop that sells local and packaging free produce

Q11 Sour Fig

Q12 Tiger worms

Q13 reduced packaging- take your own container

Q14 Toys, clothes

Q15 July

Q16 Valentines Day

Q17 Womble

Q18 Driving cars to school

Q19 Too many to list here- go back to the webpage and see any organisation in the green boxes

Q20 electric dockless bike for hire




17-20 You will save the world one day- your environmental knowledge is awesome

12-17 Pretty good. You may not have known all the answers but I bet you use petrol cars as little as possible

5-11 Hmmm- the answers are all on the webpage. Have you had internet problems?

>5 As Dr Who said.. you need to step up as a Human. Change something you do to make it more sustainable as soon as you have finished reading this.