Final Question

How are you personally reducing your carbon footprint?


Lindsay de Sausmarez - Election 2020 Guernsey

Lindsay De Sausmarez – Deputy

I have been an environmental nerd for quite a long time. It’s a continual journey. I don’t eat meat plant-based diet. I cycle everywhere or walk or take the bus. I have four children and they also walk and cycle and take the bus. Waste got me into politics in the first place- as a household we are really waste conscious. For quite a big household, we generate a small amount of waste. We are conscious of energy use and are trying to reduce the demand rather than dealing with it once we have generated it. I do my best and all these little things do add up but it is a continual journey for improvement.


Deputy Sasha Kazantseva-Miller - States of GuernseySasha Kazantseva-Miller – Deputy

I try to cycle and walk. It is more of a struggle with the hills on the way to school. We also have quite a bit of garden and we are trying to encourage growing trees and plant growing. We have very fertile soil and are encouraging healthy soil and wildlife. We grow our own food, we compost our food waste and that all goes back into the ground. 


Guernsey ElectricityAlex Herschel – Guernsey Electricity

Like Lindsay, I am an environmental nerd and I cycle where can. I have an electric car. I am anti plastic. I have actively changed my shopping habits to go places where I can buy loose food.  I am a frustrated shopper as I look at food miles and where veg is from. I have learnt over the last few years that you can change what you eat. You can change to be more seasonal and eat what is available.  It makes you appreciate more where everything is from. There is still lots to do.


Kenny McDonald, head of retail operations for the Co-op, with some of the Channel Island-grown produce which it is selling loose in its Grand Marche stores. (Picture by Peter Frankland, 25288768)Kenny McDonald – Co-op

The big thing for me is that I am growing a lot of my own veg now coming out of COVID gave me the time to do this and we have a plot by the house to grow salad and vegetables. We are trying out apples this year, so we are certainly growing a lot more than we ever did. I am very conscious of food waste and more so with the cost of it. We are aware of the cost to the average household and like most families, embarrassed by the amount that goes in the bin, so we are very active with that. My job does involve me having to travel. We have electric Co-op cars in Jersey now and are getting an electric car for Guernsey as well. So at least I can do the right things about removing diesel cars off the road. My daughter is a vegetarian and I have gone from eating meat every day of the week to about two days a week now.



Glen Tonks – Credit Suisse

I am from NZ and I am a bit of a meat eater so a work in progress on that one! The biggest thing as a family that we have done is around travel. Going back 5 years, the family had three cars, two of them gas guzzlers and I drove to work every day. Fast forward to today, I walk or bus to work and the family now have only one small car.