1.    Transport Question

BUSINESS: What is the most common form of transport that your employees use to get to work?


Guernsey ElectricityAlex Herschel – Guernsey Electricity

Guernsey electricity has 230 employees and the majority at the moment do drive. I have an electric vehicle along with two or three others, and 15% cycle. We are introducing low carbon incentive for commuting to encourage walking or cycling to work. It might include a subsidy for bikes. It is definitely something we want to change


Kenny McDonald, head of retail operations for the Co-op, with some of the Channel Island-grown produce which it is selling loose in its Grand Marche stores. (Picture by Peter Frankland, 25288768)Kenny McDonald – Co-op

For us, we had lots of lessons from COVID, especially around travel. It became fairly obvious that our for our colleagues living near their local store and being able to travel on foot when accessibility became important was good. By default, we have been encouraging our colleagues. We are lucky that we have lots of stores so we can encourage our colleagues that want to live near and walk to stores to do so. Five years ago we got rid of parking for our employees including removing the free parking for managers. We are flexible with our working hours and that also allows people with young families to work at a store local to them. The majority of our colleagues are walking or coming on bus and very few are driving.

 I am ashamed to say that parking issues in town are mainly due to retailers.  Colleagues who work in town are generally using cars so we need a solution to help that. We need to have a look at stores in town to have facilities such as showers and other facilities to help people to cycle. We have a lot of work to do on this to make it more accessible to everyone

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Glen Tonks – Credit Suisse

Most people come by car, a few cycle, and one person sails using Beaucette Marina depending on the tides!

We are taking out car parking slots from our buildings and adding in more bike spots. That’s really pleasing. And myself, I take the bus and walk if it’s nice.