What has happened since?

I went on the Climate March in Dec 2019. Has anything happened in the STATES as a result of that?

Lindsay de Sausmarez - Election 2020 GuernseyLindsay De Sausmarez – Deputy

Can I just say, YES! The biggest thing has happened as a result of that march, and I don’t know if you young people actually know how much you managed to do that day.

We now have a climate change policy and I honestly believe we wouldn’t have done, or at least one that looks like that, if young people hadn’t have made their voices heard and got up and marched. I was there and it was the most electric feeling. But the feeling was also the turning of the political winds. Politicians hadn’t really been taking it very seriously and that was one of the big turning points, that march. The climate change policy has committed to climate change targets and committed to taking action and there is an awful lot of work that is going into that at the moment and young people are hugely responsible so I would just like to say a very personal thank you for what you have done