COP28 Day 8 Rest

And on the 8th day they rested

And on the 8th day they needed a break. It takes a lot of energy to talk, to declare, to nod your head and pledge money that you know you can wriggle out of giving. So they decided to go and explore the palm – islands designed for the super rich in a lovely palm shape.

Oh dear! An unseasonal er… normal tropical storm was due so the boat trip had been cancelled.

Never mind. There was an exciting tourist trip on camel back into the desert where you could pretend to be a nomad whilst sitting in the shade eating your caviar.

Oh dear! The unseasonal er… normal temperature had reached dangerous levels and even the camels couldn’t cope so the trip was cancelled.

That’s OK. There are some indoor coastal casinos which they can visit. Oh dear! Unseasonal er.. normal torrential rain had flooded the beach casinos and they have had to close.

They looked down the list of day trips.

They were just about to book the only one left when the fire alarms in the hotel went off. Wild fires were getting too close for comfort so they were relocated to an even plusher hotel further inland.

Resigned to staying in, they turned up the air conditioning powered by the diesel generator, got the gin out of the mini bar, turned on their laptops and got to business making money selling all their surplus oil.